By spring 2018 we demand:

  • Install a washer/dryer in Freedom House and Casa del Sol
  • Repair floor in Freedom House and Casa del Sol
  • Repair Page East oven and basement
  • Publish necessary information to increase transparency on how Convocation speakers are chosen, recruited, and paid
  • Allocate $4000 for continued and mandatory diversity training 
  • Require professors to respect accommodations students receive from Disability Services

by fall 2018 we demand:

  • Hire a Queer/Womxn of Color to be a counselor at SHAC
  • Move or renovate disability services to increase accessibility
  • Reform how Convocation speakers are chosen to allow students to have a larger voice
  • Increase diversity among Convocation speakers
  • Improve diversity/alcohol training for incoming students
  • Implement stronger diversity peer leader/student worker training
  • Increase student voice in the planning of programming for New Student Week and similar events 
  • Stop starting classes on Muslim/Jewish/Hindu holidays 
  • Making diversity, alcohol, and sexual assault talks during New Student Week mandatory for all students, including and especially athletes 
  • Diversify Parent's Advisory Council
  • A commitment for providing better and accessible transportation (to replace Northfield Lines/CarlsGo) 
  • Finalize a timeline for creating an Africana Studies department 
  • Create continual diversity training requirements for students, faculty, and staff

By Winter 2019           we demand: 

  • Supply more funding for emergency aid programs 
  • Create permanent gender-neutral bathrooms in all buildings 
  • Reform Community Concern Form process 
  • Create safer and more confidential avenues for students to report issues with faculty/staff
  • Hire more students and staff of color in academic support services
  • Allocate a sufficient budget for transportation and shift cuts for all workers
  • Higher minimum wage for all workers

By spring 2019 we demand: 

  • Move SHAC
  • Increase diversity among admitted students
  • Hire more tenure-track professors of color
  • Mandate professors to particaipate in training to best support students with disabilities